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Judge Quraishi Denies Appeal

Judge Quraishi Denies Appeal

Judge Quraishi Denies Appeal

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Third Circuit Denies Appeal

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Somerset, Essex and Mercer, Hunterdon, Bergen, Monmouth drop appeal on April 3

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Conforti v Hanlon

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How did Albio Sires get the county line for the 13th Congressional District in 2006? 

In 2006, 13-year incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez moved to the United States Senate to fill the seat vacated by Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine. Corzine chose Menendez because he played a significant role in Jon Corzine's campaign for governor of New Jersey. Menendez was a key supporter and campaigner for Corzine, leveraging his political influence and connections to help Corzine secure the governorship. This support was a crucial factor in Corzine's decision to appoint Menendez to his Senate seat after Corzine was elected governor Additionally, a Quinnipiac University poll showed that New Jersey voters approved Corzine's choice of Menendez by a 2-to-1 margin. Moreover, Menendez had a substantial campaign war chest of $4.1 million, which positioned him well for the upcoming election to secure a full Senate term. 

Sires then entered the race to succeed him. On June 6, 2006, he ran in two Democratic primary elections—a special primary for the last two months of Menendez’s seventh term and a regular primary for a full two-year term. 

In the special primary to fill the remaining two months, Sires won about 90% of the vote, defeating James Geron—this assured Sires of being the next congressman from this heavily Democratic, Latino-majority district. Sires beat Assemblyman and Perth Amboy Mayor Joseph Vas in a bitter primary with 68% of the vote, winning in Union, Hudson, and Essex Counties, while Vas won Middlesex County. No Republican even filed, assuring Sires of a full term. The 13th was so heavily Democratic that any Republican candidate would have faced nearly impossible odds.

Sires faced Republican John Guarini—a salesman and second cousin of former Congressman Frank J. Guarini—who was unopposed for the GOP nomination. Vas did not seek the unexpired term seat. After winning the election with 78% of the vote, Sires was sworn into the House on November 13, 2006, to fill the remainder of Menendez's term.

The 13th District granted Sires the line. He is listed twice to account for the unexpired term. (See Hoboken ballot from the 2006 primary.)

How did he get the line? Check out his donation history. He donated $40,750, of which $32,000 was to the NJ Democratic Party. Besides that year, before or after, the highest he has donated is $3,334 in 2003. (See Albio Sires’ Annual Donations.)

The noted change for the Democratic Party ballot from line to block is the result of Andy Kim’s case, in which he was granted temporary relief. The change granted was specifically for the Democratic Party in 2024 only. The actual cases, Conforti et al v Hanlon et al and Kim et al v Hanlon et al, are still pending.